About Me...

My name is Stormi, and I'm a Storm Chaser.

I work with women to leave their toxic relationships behind for good.


Stormi Lewis grew up with a devastating addiction….people pleasing. In an effort to battle the storm within from unknowingly being Bipolar with ADHD, she spent her free time escaping bullying through dance, books, movies, and constantly plotting to figure out how to make people like her. When she found herself divorced for a second time at 35 years of age and escaping a failed, toxic, alcoholic relationship, she knew she had no other choice. Break her people pleasing addiction or not survive. So she came up with a five step program, because she knew she was too lazy and distracted for any more than that. Her journey created Chasing Stormi LLC and "Surviving The Storm". She currently lives in Kansas City with her two cats, openly writing about her adventures, helping other women break their people pleasing addictions and leave toxic relationships for good, building a bully prevention summer camp, having Style, Class, and a Little Bit of Sass, and still has a ridiculous amount of hair on her head to cause her grief to tame.

Here is what you'll learn:

•How you can survive no matter what labels you might carry.
•How stepping outside of your comfort zone can help you find your true worth.
•How facing your fears only make you stronger.
•How to handle being single, again, after a long-term relationship.
•Simple steps in taking pride in loving yourself.
•How to practice gratitude and appreciate the lessons life has to teach you.
•How to find the positive in an extremely negative world.
•The history and damage a toxic relationship can have on a person, mentally and physically, that forced the realization a “People Pleasing Addiction” had to be broken in order to save a life.

Stormi's personality jumps off of each page with her narrative about the storms of her past, and how she refused to let the past define her. Stormi offers inspiring advice and takes readers on fantastic adventures as she steps out of her comefort zone and discovers her true self once again. [Surving the Stormi] is a wounderful story of inspiration and should be enjoyed by all!”

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