Story Telling Coaching

Say Good-Bye to Putting Your Author Dreams On Hold

Does this apply to you? DO YOU FIND YOURSELF FEELING....

  • Like you have the perfect story to share, but no CLUE where to even start?
  • Overwhelmed, lost, and completely unsure of your story?
  • Like it's impossible to publish your book on Amazon?

I decided long ago that it was more important to share my story and change a life (fiction and nonfiction) than it was to stay silent to not only deprive my readers but also myself. I'm going to help you get your story out into the world, because you have decided that it's time to share your story, give your readers what they desperately have been waiting for, and give yourself the satisfaction that fear can't give you excuses any more!

Looking for more help than just a single call? There's a 3 Month Intensive Coaching and a 6 Month Coaching package available for your scheduling needs!

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    Multi-published author and Story Sharing Coach, Stormi Lewis helps people over thirty overcome their fear and excuses to not publish their stories.

    She’s the author of Surviving the Storm, Fuel for the Storm, and the Sophie Lee Trilogy, proving time and again that you can publish a book successfully in 6 months or less, even while working full time and caring for your family.

    After spending a lifetime with bipolar disorder and ADHD, Stormi uses her experiences to help others achieve success in publishing a book while working around your everyday life, Imposter Syndrome, pandemic, and all.

    From breaking her own people pleasing addiction, to hosting a podcast “Bookish Chatter” that helps new authors not feel lost or alone on their journey, Stormi continues to work with clients while publishing her own books so that the world continues to receive a rich tapestry of history, fiction, and other magical tales that touch the heart and inspire the soul.